Quickness Expert Alex Maroko Reports NEW Workouts, Based On A..

FORGOTTEN Soviet Secret Explodes
Your Foot Quickness And Agility
In ONE Short Week..

The End of "Heavy Feet".. More Quickness, More Agility, More Foot Speed..
Faster Than We Ever Predicted . . .


To The Serious Athlete and Reader,

This innocent little email message brought a "roller-coaster of excitement" into my life
almost a year ago -- it might just do the same for you today:

"Alex, I have the biggest tryout of my life coming up in 10 days.

I worked really hard this off-season, but I WANT that starting spot, and I know need to be A LOT quicker and faster to have a shot..

..can you help me?"

When He Needed To Get As FAST As Humanly Possible In Just

This guy worked his but off, but things out of his control always seemed to mess up his plans..

I saw myself in him too, born the slowest athlete in my own city. I told him, "I'll see what I can do for you man," and so..

..I began to fight my way through my 5-figure collection of training books, notes and research studies in search of a magic formula for my guy. Unfortunately..

Most of the studies and experiments I found were done just with "traditional methods", but it was obvious:

"Traditional" would NOT cut it here -- for god's sake, we were talking about MASSIVE, unheard of quickness gains in one short week! However..

I remembered something I had purposely forgotten long ago, thinking I would never need to use something so extreme myself..

It was a special training technique discovered almost 60 years ago by the well-known, but elusive Sport Scientists of the former Soviet Union.

Their Olympic Lifting athletes had used it to come out of nowhere to make the medal stand their second-home in the Olympic Games for years and years.

(This technique could have been used for anything, they just happened to use it for Olympic Lifting.)

As shocking as their results were with this technique for O-Lifting, there's a reason almost no one talks about it today…

See, it's not just any training technique…

It's Like Swallowing DYNAMITE.

In fact, the training was so explosive for them, they had to limit their dose of it to just a few times a year…you could go into a lifetime of mental depression if you did it wrong or too often.

I decided that I could make this Soviet Secret work safely for Quickness Training..

I could get those same kinds of explosive results…

And that would be the secret to gaining a tsunami of quickness and becoming a fast-twitch freak almost overnight.

Sounds pretty good, right? Too bad it didn't work..

Multiple Foot-Speed Failures,
One Step Closer..

The first two 7-day programs I designed didn't work as I'd hoped. I was unfortunately too late for my original athlete (although he's doing WAY better now..).

Don't get me wrong.

Other tested athletes saw surprising improvements, but I didn't believe it was enough to sound the alarms.

Refusing to give up, I wrote a third program (furiously scribbled into a notebook on an airplane!), but this time..

I changed the exercise variability, and tweaked the loading process to make it even more "Soviet-like".

When the results from that came back just a week later,
it was finally time to..

Sound The Alarms.

Just like the Soviet Sports Scientists of the past had found, this stuff, when programmed CORRECTLY, worked like nothing I had ever seen before!

One athlete who was a beta-tester remarked..

"It's Incredible.. My Feet Feel More Explosive Than They Were A Week Ago.. I'm So Much Quicker."


I'll just say it straight: I've discovered a "breakthrough cure".

It's highly-advanced, backed by research and fully capable of delivering up to 6 FULL MONTHS of quickness improvements in just 7 days flat.


It's been tested numerous times, and in case after case, across the board without a single "miss", this completely safe, but challenging training workout...

  • Increased quickness and agility 13-16X faster IN JUST ONE WEEK.. You'll dominate as every step happens faster, quicker, more rapidly.

  • Permanently reversed "Heavy-Foot Syndrome" IN JUST ONE WEEK.. You'll run with a significant quickness advantage for the rest of your playing career.

  • Dramatically increased foot speed and first-step quickness IN JUST ONE WEEK.. You'll surprise everyone a week from today. Lightning cuts, split-second changes of direction and a deadly first-step to leave 'em all toasted.

Plus, this special training requires zero weight training equipment, but uses a couple "odd quickness exercises" most top-level coaches and athletes have never seen before.

And here's the most exciting part with our athletes:

It Has Not Mattered..
  • What sport the athlete played.

  • Whether they were training or had already trained with TAQ 2.0.

  • If they were genetically slower, and nothing else had worked for them.

  • If traditional speed training hadn't worked for them.

  • If they were old or young (due to the extreme nature of the training, it is recommended only for ages 13 and up).

  • If they had seen their speed and quickness decrease after an ankle or lower-leg injury.

  • If they were naturally fast and quick and had already trained to improve it.

  • If they were "out of shape" or hadn't trained in 4-5 months.

Or.. Even if they were extra-lanky and just a little bit too goofy.

Each athlete's quickness and agility increased 13-16X faster in just one short week, and while it is extraordinarily likely you will experience the same result, you must understand..

This is NOT a "miracle" training program that works with no effort on your part.

Athletes who are lazy and can't commit to two-a-day training sessions (about 15 minutes each) will not be able to complete the program.

Athletes who can't follow the step-by-step directions and complete the training just as it's laid out will not benefit the same as their more focused competition.

And athletes who don't believe they can increase their quickness 13-16X faster in just one week will NOT benefit nearly as much either.

I always coach my guys this: If you don't believe in what you're doing, then you're not doing much at all, are you?

Two Scary-Effective Secrets Behind
"7-Day Quickness"..

Scary-Effective Secret #1: Using ONLY The 5 Best Quickness Exercises.

When the first two programs I designed failed my standards, I was stumped.

What was missing? Turns out there were three little things..

1. Every exercise of any kind requires a certain level of INTERmuscular coordination

Intermuscular coordination is how well an athlete can coordinate numerous muscle groups together to perform an exercise -- very important.

2. Once a baseline level of intermuscular coordination is reached, more emphasis is naturally placed on INTRAmuscular coordination, which is the ability of the muscle fibers within a single motor unit to contract and relax.

3. The more efficient those muscle fibers can contract and relax together, the better your intramuscular coordination. So yeah, it's a fun little science lesson, but..

WHY am I sharing this with you?

Because that series of Contracting & Relaxing is deathly important to your quickness!

My first test group spent too much time learning new quickness exercises, training their INTERmuscular coordination. Instead..

I needed to design a program that quickly bypassed the "intermuscular stage" and went straight to the INTRAmuscular Stage for rapid quickness gains. The solution?

Limiting exercise selection to only the most-important Quickness Exercises, and the ones that could be learned immediately. Once I understood this, everything changed, and today..

This is exactly what you'll find when you meet my "Rapid Five", the 5 fastest-working quickness exercises on the planet, and the only ones you'll be using in 7-Day Quickness.

Scary-Effective Secret #2: Planned Overtraining of The Plantar Flexors

Your Plantar Flexors have always been indicators of your game-time quickness (mostly due to their Muscular/Tendon Stiffness and Movement Efficiency potential). So..

..to increase your quickness 13-16X faster, we obviously need to dramatically increase Plantar Flexor Stiffness and Movement Efficiency as fast as humanly possible, and..

There's no faster way to get incredible results in no time at all than Planned Overtraining.

Very deliberately, we purposely overtrain the Plantar Flexors over 7 straight days to get a DYNAMITE Supercompensation Effect in the first 2-3 days following 7-Day Quickness…

Much to the surprise of our athletes at first, it's those 2-3 days AFTER where most of the MASSIVE results surface, although it's no surprise to us..

This is exactly how the scientists of the Soviet Union did it, and how we can know we're doing it right too.

(This also means you'll likely hit a "Success Valley" around Day 6 or 7, where your plantar flexors will be officially overtrained. NOT TO WORRY -- THIS IS WHAT WE WANT.

During the next 48-72 hours after reaching "the Valley", your body will be busy regenerating and re-engineering your Plantar Flexors/overall quickness faster than ever before, to new levels it's never even imagined. Imagine how that feels..)

How Much QUICKER Do YOU Want To Be
ONE Week From Today?


It doesn't matter what you've tried in the past, or if you're just not happy right now, 7-Day Quickness will increase your quickness and agility 13-16X faster over just ONE SHORT WEEK, however..

..it is certainly not for every athlete. Not even close.

The price of such explosive gains in just one week is not cheap.

During 7-Day Quickness, you will train twice a day, 15-20 minutes per session (no weight equipment needed).

You will be required to give 100% EFFORT on each and every set…any set done at sub-100% will not make you quicker or more agile.

And you must get at least 8 hours of sleep each night during this week.

If you can't do do this, 7-Day Quickness is simply not the "miracle cure" for you like it's been for so many others. However.. If you can, then..

In Just 7 Short Days From Today:
  • Your foot quickness and agility will permanently operate at higher levels than you ever thought possible..

  • Every cut and change-of-direction you'll make from now own will be more explosive and simply "feel different". Some beta-testers have described this sensation as "effortless"..

  • Your feet and calves will be much stronger and ripped, and have a better mind-muscle connection than you've ever experienced..

  • Your first-step will be blazing. It will allow you to do things in games you've always craved, but never could..

  • Your movements will be more fluid and graceful, like that of a dazzling Pro Athlete, instead of a heavy-footed guy glued to the ground..

  • You'll notice a dramatic increase in your bounciness and Reactive Strength. Every step, cut and drive will feel easier and supported, like you're playing on a firm trampoline, and everyone else is still stuck in concrete..

  • Your friends, coaches and parents will be BLOWN AWAY at how much quicker and more agile you are. Trust me when I say..

..They will ask you prodding questions, say "I can't believe it!" and some will even wonder if you somehow cheated. To be honest..

..after seeing the results of some early 7-Day Quickness athletes, I'm not sure there's much of a difference.

"This is CRAZY.."

My calves and ankles feel stronger.. I feel wwwaaayyy quicker already.. Can`t wait to workout tommorow!

-Carl H. after only 3 days..

"It Set My Feet On Fire.."

I feel way quicker now.. I am really looking forward to utilizing this new found quickness.

-Hevan T. after only 5 days..

But then there's Jon, a basketball player this time who recorded and sent in his entire 7-day experience with 7-Day Quickness.

Day 1: "I must say, it's weird but I feel lighter on my feet. Like when I practiced at school, I found it seemed easier to run at quicker speeds, and that it didn't take as much force to run at that speed. Felt..more fluid. I'm real curious to see what other improvements I will make as the week goes on."

Day 2: "I noticed the difference even more today. Like I think I'm heavy footed because I put too much pressure on the ground. But right now, I feel real light on my feet and it's just easier to mobilize myself. It feels more effortless to make a cut." 

Day 3: "I'm able to take people off the dribble quicker and it's also easier to stop and pop, probably because of the Chaos Jumps."

Day 4: "I feel super light on my feet, and it felt so much quicker taking people off the dribble. I'm able to cut and cross much quicker now…my defense is faster."

Day 5: "Explosive. That's just how I feel right now. My feet feel so light, but they're like springboards when I take people off the dribble and pull up, as well as stepback. I can absorb contact and can decelerate and speed back up quickly just like that. It's incredible."

Day 6: "Played some pick up and it just takes my first step sometimes to beat my defenders. Just pure awesome. Even helping my jump shot become easier to put up."

Day 7: "My feet feel more explosive than they were a week ago, and I'm much quicker."

Don't you just respect Jon's dedication? BUT hey… Did you notice it?

Jon mentions how incredible he felt after Day 5, but he doesn't seem to be
quite as stunned on Day 7?..

Here's why:

I hadn't told him about Planned Overtraining and hitting the Success Valley! :-)

I figured he hit it somewhere between Day 6 and 7, which is why his results eased up temporarily after increasing at such an alarming rate. Naturally..

I made sure to follow up with him a couple days after finishing 7-Day Quickness, right when his Plantar Flexors and quickness should have been completely "re-engineered"... BUT WERE THEY?

Here's what he said..

"After I finished.. I was even quicker than I said I was..

I can get to places on the court so much faster and control my speed. I actually have different gears of speed now to confuse my defenders...I'm loving the results."

And that right there is HOW and WHY 7-Day Quickness works so effectively, so quickly.

Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, MMA, rugby, lacrosse…7-Day Quickness works just as effectively and just as rapidly for each of the non-linear sports.

You Can Use 7-Day Quickness Over and Over Again For Years To Come!


How many training programs have you invested in that only worked one time?

With 7-Day Quickness, you can use the program every 8-12 weeks and still increase your quickness and agility 13-16X faster each and every time.

Just as its done for several athletes already, 7-Day Quickness will pay you back in GOLD for the rest of your playing career. Are you ready to DOMINATE the competition?


Component 1: The 7-Day Quickness Training Program ($79 Value)
  • Laid out for you day-by-day, step-by-step, here's the breakthrough training program based on a simple, but forgotten Soviet Secret that permanently reverses "Heavy-Foot Syndrome" and increases your quickness and agility 13-16X faster in just ONE SHORT WEEK.

    You'll know what exercises to do, when to do them, how long to rest in between and any other minor detail I thought was important to your success. I am well aware my reputation is based on YOUR RESULTS, and as any of my thousands of customers worldwide will tell you, I take that very seriously. Includes dedicated 24-hour customer support.

Component 2: The 7-Day Quickness Exercise Video Library ($19 Value)
  • Exercise Video Demonstrations , plus explanations of the "Rapid 5", the 5 best quickness exercises on the world. It's very likely there are at least two exercises in here you've never seen before, so these videos will come in extra-handy (and if you're brand-new, this video series will obviously take you by the hand and guide you right along from start to finish).

    Also included are the "Guidelines and Welcome" video, where I'll teach you the exact schedule for the most explosive week of your life, plus reveal one eye-opener that will change the way you train for speed and quickness forever.

    You'll find the additional recovery video inside as well, where I'll introduce one very important bodyweight exercise every athlete should be doing daily for continued speed, quickness and agility gains.

7-Day Quickness will be retailed for much, much more in the near-future, but to celebrate the Launch right now, we've made it extra-affordable for you to start today!

To increase your quickness and agility 13-16X faster in just ONE SHORT WEEK with 7-Day Quickness, the cost is just a single, one-time discounted payment of $77.

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$79.95 $59.95


Getting "The Trampoline Effect"..

The Box Jump has long been a staple of speed and quickness training programs for athletes. But what if you could make it work faster?..

Years ago, I discovered a trick to do just that.

Instead of just starting from an athletic position and jumping onto the box in front of you, do this instead.

Place a small, low-box 3-5 feet from the bigger box you'll be jumping on. Stand on the low-box, then from a relaxed position, drop forward off of it.

Upon landing and making ground contact, immediately bounce and explode up onto the big box in front of you.


By dropping from the low-box first, you'll create more reflexive stimulation on your Plantar Flexors, training them to respond smoother, quicker and more explosively during competition.

Within days, the surface you play on begins to feel more like a firm trampoline to your feet than glue-like concrete, which is why we call it "The Trampoline Effect".

This small change made one athlete text me "Holy sh*t!" just 3 days after implementing it in his program.

It's also one of the "Rapid Five" exercises you'll be training with inside, during your 7-Day Quickness transformation.

Click Here to Increase Your Quickness 13-16X Faster Today!

“But What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?"


Then It’s ALL FREE.

I'll be honest: I have yet to see an athlete go through 7-Day Quickness and not experience game-changing results.

But I understand you may still be skeptical, and as such I want to do everything I can to make this a no-brainer, risk-free decision for you.

For that exact reason, here's what I'm going to do for you:  for each and every customer who orders, I'm going to extend my famous LIFETIME 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you follow 7-Day Quickness exactly as outlined in the materials, and do NOT experience an incredible increase in quickness and agility, just contact my 24-hour Help Desk and we'll refund your money.  It's that simple.

We stand behind our product as the fastest quickness-training program ever created, and if doesn't yield those results for you when followed, you get your money back. No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt and courteous refund, good forever.

Click Here to Increase Your Quickness 13-16X Faster Today!

Explode Your Quickness and Agility 13-16X FASTER In Just One Week -- At No Risk

Lightning-quickness is the secret little advantage everyone notices, but no one wants to talk about…why?

Because they still think it's "genetic".

"We can't control it, so let's just pretend it doesn't exist.." they believe..

But you can't go on like that now, can you?

You know better!

Derrick Rose has been shown to change direction on the court in as little as 2/10 of a second..


A simple glance at every other multi-directional sport shows you the same…Jacoby Ellsbury (MLB), Chris Johnson (NFL), DeMarcus Beasley (US Soccer), the list doesn't end.

These guys possess the most elusive advantage in all of competitive sports, and with 7-Day Quickness, you're going to gain access to that same advantage in ONE SHORT WEEK.

Gonna have a big tryout coming up?

A key competition or tournament?

A guy on your team who you just can't beat?

A showcase where you're going to have to show out?

PERFECT. It's exactly for those events that 7-Day Quickness was designed and created…and with your crowd-pleasing results staying permanent, 7-Day Quickness will be your secret weapon for the rest of your career.

Click Here to Increase Your Quickness 13-16X Faster Today!


I can't wait to hear about the game-changing results you've experienced just 7 days from now…next week just started waiting for you!

Here's to those cutting-edge Soviet Scientists, I sincerely thank them for their incredible contributions to the training world today.

Your Coach,


Alex Maroko, CPT

P.S. If you think it'd be better to compete from now on with WAY MORE quickness and agility starting just ONE WEEK from today, click the button below to try my new 7-Day Quickness at no risk.

It will be priced more appropriately soon, so even if your big tryout or competition isn't for a while, it'll be smarter to already own 7-Day Quickness and get it at a serious discount. Grab it RISK-FREE today.

PPS – Have a question? We’ve probably already answered it below!

Q: What is 7-Day Quickness and how does it work so fast?

A: 7-Day Quickness is a 7-day breakthrough training program in quickness and agility training that's been shown to explode your quickness and agility 13-16X faster in just one week (equivalent to 3-4 months of normal quickness training). It combines the 5 best Quickness Exercises, Planned Overtraining and an incredibly targeted-focus on your Plantar Flexors, the muscles and tendons responsible for your your rapid quickness gains.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is in the setup. How the exercises are selected, the order they go in, the length of training sessions, the frequency of workouts…each piece has been painstakingly fused together to complete the puzzle. The end result is more quickness in 7 days than most athletes get in a lifetime.

Q: Does 7-Day Quickness require me to use any equipment at all?

A: You will use zero weight training equipment with 7-Day Quickness. You will need no bands, cables or dumbbells.

The only thing you will need is a low-step or box, and something to jump onto (see "Do You Know How To Make A Box Jump Better?" for more). These can be found at most local gyms or high-schools, although several athletes have found simple ways to create the same setup from their home (does not affect final results either way). The rest of the exercises require zero equipment, period.

Q: How long do the workouts take? How often are they done?

A: Each 7-Day Quickness training sessions takes roughly 15-20 minutes, from start to finish. Don't let the shortness of the workouts fool you -- you are expected to carry out each exercise with ultra high-intensity.

For 6 of the 7 days, you will complete workouts two times a day, preferably separated by 5-8 hours rest. Most athletes do one workout before school or work, and one later in the afternoon or at night. Keep in mind you will only be training "twice a day" for one week. After that, so long as you play your sport 1-2x/week, you will keep ALL of your dramatic quickness and agility gains without much effort.

Q: How quickly will I see results?

A: As you saw with Jonathan's 7-day testimony, it is possible you will see results after just one day.

Most athletes notice a change after Day 2, and another big jump around Day 4-5.

You should also notice a slight decrease sometime around Day 6-7, as we discussed regarding the "Valley of Success" (this is due to our Planned Overtraining).

Final results will be seen 2-4 days after Day 7, once your body's recovery systems have gone through Supercompensation.

Q: Can I use 7-Day Quickness while training with other programs?

A: Yes, you can. Due to it's light-systemic nature, during the one week you are training with 7-Day Quickness, you can continue along with your "main" training program.

I recommend that you limit the amount of lower body work during your week with 7-Day Quickness, limiting it to mostly thigh/hip exercises to minimize the stress placed on your lower legs.

Q: What if I'm already training with TAQ 2.0?

A: 7-Day Quickness and TAQ 2.0 have been designed to work synergistically with each other, making the results of each even better.

If you're currently training with TAQ and want to implement 7-Day Quickness, my general recommendation is to rotate 7DQ with TAQ every 12 weeks.

Ideally, you'd train with 7-Day Quickness, experience rapid quickness gains and improvements, take one week off from ALL quickness training, then solidify and continue to gradually increase your quickness with TAQ for 12 weeks.

After 12 weeks, if you wanted, you could use 7-Day Quickness again, experience more rapid gains, and continue on with that rotating cycle successfully for years.

Q: What ages will 7-Day Quickness work for? Is there a too old, or too young?

A: If you are under the age of 13, I recommend waiting to use 7-Day Quickness.

However if you are above the age of 13, then 7-Day Quickness is perfect for you. Also, if you're an older athlete..

More than 21% of our Quickness Clients are above the age of 40, and we've never had a single case of our quickness training not work just as well for them. One guy even claims it cured his back pain -- no guarantees there though :-)

Q: I'm like you Alex, I was one of those guys born truly slow-footed. Will this really work for me?

A: YES! I know what you mean when you say "born truly slow-footed"…I was obviously the same way originally. The secret is that quickness starts in your Central Nervous System, not your muscles, and with the special exercises, frequencies and timed sets we use inside 7-Day Quickness, that's exactly what we're working on. We're literally rewiring certain pathways in your CNS.

Q: I recently sprained my ankle, and even though the pain is gone, I lost a lot of quickness. Will 7-Day Quickness work for me?

A: I cannot give injury advice over the Interwebz, but if you've gone through the rehab process, strengthening the areas around your ankle and have gained back some degree of propriception, then all quickness training should be fine for you.

The question isn't "Will 7-Day Quickness work for you?", it's "Is your ankle healthy enough for intense quickness training?". You're obviously the only person who can answer that.

Q: Does this program work just as quickly for women as it does for men?

A: Of course. Quickness training does not discriminate on age, gender, experience or any other factor except for one..

It HATES lazy and unmotivated :-)

Q: Haha. But what if it just doesn't work for me?

A: Then, it's all FREE.

Look, if you follow 7-Day Quickness exactly as outlined in the materials, and do NOT experience an incredible increase in quickness and agility in just one week, just contact my 24-hour Help Desk and we'll refund your money.  It's that simple.

We stand behind our program as the fastest quickness-training program ever created, and if doesn't yield those results for you when followed, you get your money back.  No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund, good forever.

As you can see, the burden of proof is on me -- all you have to do is let me prove it to you.


Click Here to Increase Your Quickness 13-16X Faster Today!

Read out disclaimer: The FTC mandates that we state what a "typical" result is if we use testimonials, so here's the dealio: Most athletes and coaches who invest in their own training never end up even using the program they just purchased -- they just like buying stuff, so most of the time, their "typical" results are zero. Don't be like them -- get this program AND use it. You'll get results that way. Also, don't do drugs, don't swear, try 7-Day Quickness, eat an apple a day and make sure you're brushing at least twice a day. Holler.